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We are Tinakda, a digital design company that specializes in animation and motion design, film, broadcast design, and visual effects. We collaborate mainly with creative agencies, businesses, and production studios. With emphasis on design and storytelling, we transform your ideas into a masterpiece of art.


The word ‘Tinakda’ was derived from a Tagalog word – “itinakda” which means “is already set or appointed”. This defines the core principle and belief of the company that every interaction between people is not merely the result of coincidence but of providence. The idea translates into a deeper sense of purpose and understanding that everything around us or in us is in some ways interconnected and that all things happen for a reason – realizing that every individual, entity or corporate, in any arrangement or in any form of motion or collaboration, is aligned and designed for something greater than its perceived purpose. Because collectively, every effort of interaction creates a mark that makes a difference in the mantle of society, regardless of how small or big it is, whether it’s a mark of failure or success, they all leave footprints of valuable lessons where others can learn from. And to some, it could appear to be a piece of motivation that subtly ignites their passion and perseverance to continue moving forward no matter what the challenges are.

At Tinakda Studio, we highly value our interaction and collaboration with our clients, as this kind of venture gives us a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment when we work together in overcoming challenges and move forward to achieve a common goal. We believe that everything we put in the world is a statement of our vision. We work hard to collaborate with the very best talents in the industry to make meaningful and creative work that our clients respect. Also, it is our utmost desire and our top priority to ensure, no matter what the odds are, that we execute and deliver our works with high regards on quality and excellence.

Our passion is constructing innovative and engaging visuals for both commercial and artistic endeavors. We combine an understanding of storytelling, technical savvy and an eye for detail to develop award-winning projects for our clients. We’re obsessed with visual effects, design culture and animation. Carrying these values and principles, we are always motivated to perform with greater zeal and dedication along with our God-given talents and expertise so that we are able to provide our clients with topnotch craftsmanship.

Tell us your thoughts, ideas, or stories. We’re here to intricately execute your awesome creative juices into astonishing moving visuals!

Main office location

  • Unit 303, Lot 11, Block 3, Sta. Rosa Business Park, Greenfield, Brgy. Don Jose, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines
  • +63 920 856 6833

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